Battle pet Madness

Starhorn the Seeker

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Midrange


Patch: 1.96

Author: YoWohoKid

Submitted: 2019.03.05


Battle Pets

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[Battle pet]MTo0MTgsMzo0MDUsMzo0MjAsMzo0MjEsMzo0MjMsMzo0MjUsMzoxMTAwMSwzOjExMDA0LDM6MTEwNTksMjoxMTA2MCwyOjExMDYzLDM6MTEwNjYsMzoyMDIwMiwyOjIwMjA2LDM6MzAwMjg=

Kill the opponent.

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4 thoughts on “Battle pet Madness
  1. How do you like Zukong? Whenever I try using him he feels terrible because battle pets attack at the beginning of the turn, so he’s usually removed by the next turn and I never get to control the pets. I like your deck, though. :)

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