Avenging Apprentice! S-Rank Approved.

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 10610

Patch: 1.96

Author: atrestia

Submitted: 2020.01.11

Bloodbound Mentor
Malicious Wisp
Sworn Avenger

Well-rounded Midrage Faie, S-Rank approved. Featuring 200 IQ combos.

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Noobie guy with noobie decks who pisses people on the forums off

Important cards to keep:

Bender against Fault, Vaath, Obelysks, Arcanysts, etc

Skorn against Ragnora, Lilith Swarm, etc

Sunset against Wanderer, Cassyva and most memes like Pantheran and so on

EMP against Artifacts, Arcanysts, Walls and most memes like Grow, etc

Kron against Vaath

Sister and Hailstone Prison against Lyonar

RX against Aggro or Non-Arcanyst Songhai

Malicious Wisp against anything that relies on an expensive late game card which includes Fault, Wanderer, Titan, etc

How to play:

As first player:

Turn one you want to play a 2 drop and then follow it either with Wisp, on turn two or a 3 drop.

Your two drops determine which 3-4 drops you keep and which u replace.

Best opener is as always Crypto so if you have that turn one, keep it. Try to look for Wisp and if you can, turn two take the tile and play Wisp somewhere behind. If you didn’t find Wisp, you can also take the tile and play Mentor + BBS. If you couldn’t find neither Mentor nor Wisp, you can play Sworn Avenger + BBS.

in short if you are opening with Crypto, these are your best turn two options in order: Wisp > Mentor > Avenger however there are some exceptions. In some cases, for example when playing against Non-Arcanyst Shidai, Magmar, Vetruvian, Avenger is better.

Your turn 3 depends on your turn one and two. If you did Crypto -> Mentor + BBS then your options are open and you have to evaluate the situation and pick the best option: for example playing against Starhorn? Play lots of cheap cards and so on. If you did Crypto -> Wisp it’s the same thing. If you did Crypto -> Avenger + BBS then you usually want to play Skorn to further damage your general unless it’s a match up where Skorn is important to keep like against Ragnora or Swarm Lilith.

From there on play your best options and don’t screw up and you will win.

If you opened with RX, you can only play a 3 drop next turn. Sworn Avenger is usually better than Mentor in this situation especially in the afformentioned match ups. If you don’t have it you can play Mentor instead. Make sure to take as much damage as you can before RX is done building because it will most likely heal all the damage taken.

The game should continue as normal; again don’t screw up and you’ll win.

As second player:

You want to open with a 3 drop on the first column preferably. Depending on the match up either Avenger or Mentor. If you have neither you can move diagonally and play a defensive 2 drop (the exception being Vaath if they have opened with Metallurgist.) In some rare cases you can play RX and another 2 drop (Either Sister or Crypto). For example if they open with Kujata and you have RX and Sister, play RX on mana tile and Sister the Kujata to kill it.

On turn two you want to play Wisp. If you don’t have Wisp you should play another 3 drop either on the tile or defensively on the first coluumn next to your other 3 drop and then move your first 3 drop 2 squares away vertically. In some rare cases you can play Skorn, like if there are lots of Wraithlings or Eggs on the board already and you have an Avenger.

After that play goes on and if you play well you should be able to beat anything.

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