Control Faie

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 11700

Patch: 1.96

Author: Mathis

Submitted: 2019.05.13

Glacial Fissure

get a mana advantage–> go to the enemy–> port them away–>avalanche

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i love Abyss, Egg magma playing since 3 month and love duelyst and the community btw pls nerf wanderer


i did not saw any online deck lists and think that it is a funny concept.
Please help me improve this deck.


Early Game

In the early game i want to build up a mana advantage through cards like :

Crystal Wisp and a nice 2 card combo with Aspect of Ego( which can also be used if your minion is low and you want a new one ) and Malicious Wisp.

If not possible i like to start (as player 2 ) with Drake Dowager and Bonechill Barrier.
Bonechill grabs 2 extra mana and i can play my Drake. Most of the time they atk. my wall with their general and that activates my minion. Now i try to find Lightning Blitz to rescue her if the enemy gets too close


This deck has some good earlygame removal like Wanderlust, which is good vs. 2 health 2 drops.

A nice combo is also Mesmerize with Glacial Fissure It works best as player 2 and most of the time you clear the board and do 8 dmg.

Set up

If the enemy don´t want to go too your side of the battlefield you have cards like wanderlust, Mesmerize and The Dredger.

Did you know that the dmg from Coldbiter counts as dmg from your general? You can port alot of enemys with this combo which can be really good.

But you have to hit the enemy general with The Dredger bec. Coldbiter´s Dmg don´t effects the enemy general.

Last words

This Deck is not the best and i would love to improve it.

Hope you have a nice day

Mathis (BornToTriumph)

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5 thoughts on “Control Faie

    your deck has a lot of holes (alot!)

    first – your aoe artifact – you want to stack 3 + dredger for starter
    you also want to be able to use them alot – more shroud.
    this is a lon fcombo since you need the artifact then alcuin then shrouds (and something will go south hereat most cases) you’ll need a second win com – mentor.
    to improve board control – caller + caller with mentor is just to strong to pass.

    after all that you need wisp, since you run alcuin there’s no need for jammer, jammer will only be a problem here.

    my version of the deck got some win streaks in mid diamond with some lose streaks but it is pretty balanced once you play well.

    you can place fissure instead of ego if you want.

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