Artifice is Art

Brome Warcrest

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 5000-12000

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.07.06

Lost Artificer
Artifact Hunter

Part of a series on neutral meme archetypes that can be played (with variable amounts of success) in any faction.
Part 14: Artifacts.


A broad archetype with a reasonably high power level over all, and actually competitive in some factions. Usually relatively lighter on minions, with the main win condition being a heavily equipped general. It feels like there’s been a resurgence of interest in these lately, especially with new combo decks in some factions pioneered by Zohan.



  • In-faction

The best artifacts from your factions. Keep in mind that the effects of artifacts apply in the order they were equipped, which is significant in some cases.

  • Grincher

The RNG makes him unreliable, and so he isn’t included in the more competitive builds, but if he gets a good hit the power level is off the charts.


  • Lost Artificer

A nice little turn-1 play that contests mana tiles and accelerates your gameplan.

  • Silhouette Tracer

Since you’re so dependent on hitting things with your general, this is a very useful repositioning option .

  • Artifact Hunter

Poorly statted, but sometimes used for card advantage.

Example Decklists

Lyonar – Runs Dawn’s Eye + Arclyte Regalia. The version above takes the theme to an extreme, to the extent of even running Sunstone Bracers. More competitive builds exist: see for example Lightningfeet’s take here, or Chunkypapa’s here. See decklist above.

Songhai – Top-end builds are competitive. Usually runs Crescent Spear + Cyclone Mask +Bangle of Blinding Strike, with some builds incorporating Mask of Shadows for heavier burst. Decklists: Control, Backstab (credit Zohan).

Vetruvian –  Artifacts are one of Vetruvian’s main supported themes, especially for Sajj, who runs a selection of artifacts in practically all of her decks. This gives you a lot of different directions you could go in this faction. Decklists: Destiny, Combo (see my writeup here).

Abyssian – Can build around either of the two powerful legendary artifacts, Soul Grimwar or Ghost Azalea. Decklists: Creep, Swarm (credit Miguel).

Magmar –  The copy of your general that hatches from Seal of Valknu inherits all artifact effects permanently, which makes for a scary combo build using the egg synergies. Decklist (credit Zohan).

Vanar – An insane combo build: if  you equip Winterblade, Iceshatter Gauntlet, and Resonance Scythe, cast Concealing Shroud, and have a Letigress active, you can bounce around the board removing all of your opponent’s minions while generating lethal via Saberspine Cubs. Decklist (credit Zohan – see his updated version here).

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