Artifact Sajj

Scioness Sajj

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 9840

Patch: 1.96

Author: AlphaCentury

Submitted: 2019.03.03

Auroras Tears
Sandswirl Reader

Play some golem bros. Suit up with artifacts. Shoot them.

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AlphaCentury is one of Duelyst's original Grandmasters. He is known for consistently breaking the meta with "solitaire" combo decks and no-fun control decks, as well as optimizing a variety of other archetypes. When he doesn't lose in round 2, he is also a tournament force to be reckoned with. He has Youtube and Twitch channels where he shows off cool decks. No he is not full of himself, thank you for asking.

An artifact combo Sajj deck I blazed through gold division with. It feels really strong by virtue of doing “vet things”, and if the game goes long, you have a lot of high damage combos.

Early Game

  1. Start on player 2 side.
  2. Open Celebrant + Metalurgist + Dreamshaper + First Wish.
  3. Curve into more golems and your four drops.

Mid Game

  1. Use your artifacts and BBS to kill their things.
  2. Use Sandswirl Reader to bounce their things.
  3. Play more golems and four drops.

Late Game

  1. Set up some artifacts.
  2. Draw some combination of Tears and Maelstrom which deals damage to the enemy general equal to their life points.
  3. Win with style.

Some notes

Why no 3rd Maelstrom? Drawing multiples feel awkward, and you don’t need it to close out games. We want to lower the density of bad/dead cards in the deck.

Why 3 Obdurator and 2 Staff? Obdurator helps your artifacts stick around until you need them for a combo. We also have extra staffs in the form of Wind Striker. Iris Barrier doesn’t do damage and doesn’t help clear, and has antisynergy with Ankh, so didn’t make the cut.

Why no Hexblade/Gifts? We want to play a lot of cheap artifacts, not expensive ones. Cheaper artifacts work into our early curve easier, and we can play them on our combo turn.

Isn’t OTK artifact combo Sajj bad? Yes. But vet is good. The key to making a good artifact Sajj deck is to just make it a vet deck in disguise. The deck wins because of the golems, First Wish, Sandswirl Reader, Jammer, and Bloodtear which make vet good. You can fill out the other 15 cards how you like and the deck will be good. Thats why this deck is good. Artifacts are nice because they bring a combo win condition to the table, which lets you attack from a different angle than vet is usually able to.


“Thank you for this wonderful artifact combo OTK Sajj deck, Grandmaster AlphaCentury. You are so cool! How can I find more about you?”

TwitchYoutube |  Discord: AlphaCentury in any Duelyst chat


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2 thoughts on “Artifact Sajj
  1. I noticed that in several of your latest Vet decks you cut BoA nowadays. What is your thinking behind that? In this list I can see Ankh+BBS as a kind of replacement though.

    1. I think Blood of Air is grossly overrated. In most situations you would rather play a Sandswirl Reader, because of the tempo + infinite value. Blood of Air is never a tempo positive play, it just allows your opponent a free turn to set up their next big threat.

      In most decks I think it is a necessary evil to run at least two, even if I replace them most games. But in Sajj I think you don’t need them. The gaps which reader leaves is removing back line threats, or removing something permanently which will pose a problem if the opponent simply replays it, say for example Bonereaper. Backline threats are answered nicely by Ankh + BBS, and long term problems you can usually kill with Staff + BBS.

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