Arcanyst Midrange

Reva Eventide

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Midrange


Patch: beta

Author: Pondexes

Submitted: 2023.07.13

Mana Vortex
Prismatic Illusionist

arcanyst midrange

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[Arcanyst Midrange]MToxNzcsMToxNzIsMzoxNzYsMzoxMTE3NywzOjExMTc4LDM6MTExNzksMjoxMTE4MCwzOjExMjU3LDM6MTEyNjcsMzoyMDQyMywyOjIwNDI1LDI6MjA0MjcsMzoyMDQyOCwzOjIwNDI5LDM6MjA0MzEsMjoyMDQzNg==

Arcanyst mid range. Use mana forger and mana vortex to make spells cheap. Lots of card draw and rotation. Save up hands of spells to unleash sudden deadly combos. Use spells throughout to clear the field.

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