Amaranthine Glory

Argeon Highmayne

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 11750

Patch: 1.96

Author: Halcyon98

Submitted: 2019.10.16

Amaranthine Vow
Ironcliffe Guardian
Elyx Stormblade

A deck that focuses on using Amaranthine Vow to resurrect big Provoke minions. Harness the essence of immortality and pave the way towards victory!

Nice to meet you all, Halcyon here. I’ve been a player for 25 seasons and a pretty reliable source for all sorts of shits and giggles. Catch me around in the forums where I’ll be talking about hentai, or on the ladder with some weird-ass deck that never works. I love everything Duelyst-related, so feel free to add me in-game if you want somebody to chat and play friendlies with.


This deck is built around Amaranthine Vow, a 9 mana Lyonar spell that summons all friendly minions with Provoke that died this game on spaces nearby your General. Appropriately, all minions in this deck that cost 3 mana or more have Provoke. A Vow turn with sufficient set up creates substantial amounts of value, allowing you to easily control the board and ultimately win.

How to Play

When playing this deck, you should try to achieve 3 things: surviving until 9 mana, staying alive, and drawing Amaranthine Vow. Healing Mystic, Azure Herald, and Sundrop Elixirs are all very useful resources you can use to increase your survivability, and you should use your Provoke minions defensively. Your Provoke minions are not your win-con, Amaranthine Vow is. As long as your Provoke minions help to keep you alive, and then dies (so that it can be revived with Vow later on), it’s mission accomplished. If all goes well, you should be able to kill about 6 to 7 Provoke minions by the time you’re able to play Amaranthine Vow.  However, there’s always the chance of your opponent holding a Plasma Storm, Rebuke, or Aperion, so it’s always nice to have a second Vow in hand.

Celebrant seems like an odd pick in this deck, but it’s actually pretty instrumental. If you play Celebrant T1P1, you can ramp into a 5 mana minion on your second turn. That’s pretty unfair. Also, you can use Celebrant to ramp into an early Vow.

Keep in mind Vow only revives minions that are killed. What this means is that minions that are transformed or returned to hand could not be revived by Vow. This is why you should concede immediately if you get matched against Vetruvian. Vetruvian’s key removal is Sandswirl Reader and BoA, which are cards that remove your minions without feeding Vow. And even if you manage to play a successful Vow, Kha can just clear everything with near 0 effort. Anyways, the moral of this story is that Fault is a bitch. On the same note, watch out for cards like Egg Morph, Aspect spells, and OBS.

Possible Techs

Azurite Lion

Although it’s a card that has nothing to do with the deck’s core plan, it’s still Lyonar’s best 2 drop. It’s great for early game pressure, and pairs really well with Argeon’s BBS. It’s just a really solid 2 drop for those looking for more offensive options. If you want to run it, you can take out Healing Mystic. Of course, I prefer Healing Mystic, since it helps me stay alive.

Impervious Giago

Giago isn’t a very good card, but for the purpose of this deck, it’s a really good pick. It’s a big Provoke body that’s tricky to take care of, making it a perfect minion to revive with Vow. There’s also a good chance it will get removed by Natural Selection; for the purpose of a big Vow turn, that’s a good thing. What’s also great is that it’s a really good budget option. If you can’t afford some of the legendary minions in this deck like Elyx and Kron, run Giago instead.

Divine Bond

Divine Bond can be a good secondary win-con. I don’t run it because I want to achieve maximum Vow awesomeness, but if you want a backup plan run Divine Bond. This deck runs Ironcliffe Guardian, War Exorcist, and Elyx Stormblade, which are all really good Bond targets. You can take out cards like Martyrdom or Tempest to run Bond, but then again, Martyrdom and Tempest are really, really good cards as well.

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