Alcuin Aggro

Cassyva Soulreaper

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 9980

Patch: 1.96

Author: Leviathan2

Submitted: 2019.03.10

Alcuin Fugitive
Void Pulse

Classic Aggro Cassyva with Alcuin flavour.

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This deck is a variation of the Aggro Cass deck as seen by NH3MASER and VBCFBHC, with Alcuin Fugitive to take advantage of hyper-efficient Abyssian spells. Tons of fun, fast, easy to use and versatile enough to deal with almost anything. This deck won’t let you down.


As an aggro deck it has a fairly straightforward playstyle, just go face as much as possible. It has a very low curve, allowing this deck to be extremely fast, and all the biggest minions act to keep your hand full so you can keep up the pressure. The Alcuin Fugitive is best played in the same turn a cheap spell to guarantee an additional card. For just 1 mana both Void Pulse and Grasp of Agony are superb cards, capable of a 5 health swing or at least 3 damage respectively, so they are the first choice of cards to use with Alcuin Fugitive. That said, all the spells are good so don’t be shy.

Here is an Example Game to show what an unanswered Alcuin Fugitive can do. 36 damage to the face and 17 healing in 6 turns (with a Desolater still available) against an impressive on curve Maehv Xor’Xuul. This deck will just run over unprepared opponents.

Cards and Variations

Cheap Minions

Bllodtear Alchemist, Flameblood Warlock, Healing Mystic, Primus Fist

Your core cheap aggro minions used to gain early control of the board and do respectable damage to your opponent. These 4 are the best 2 drops you can have for an aggro deck. Bloodtear Alchemist is probably the card to replace if you must as your BBS can cover for its effect. Don’t replace Flameblood Warlock, it is the champion for this slot.


Bonecrusher – I usually don’t like to replace a 2 drop for a higher cost minion but Bonecrusher puts an enormous number of stats on the board for only 3 mana thanks to Intensify. I’m currently running this variation. Here is an Example Game (against NH3MASER ironically) with Bonecrusher replacing Bloodtear Alchemist. Bonecrusher does things.

Ooz – Probably the only other actual 2 drop I’d consider. It has a great body for 2 mana and it has a useful effect too but the lack of control over your battle pets is a real problem. I’ve been burnt too many times by Thunderhorn to be playing Ooz these days.

Void Talon – Currently testing.

Card Draw/Pseudo Card Draw

Blaze Hound, Spelljammer, Desolator, Alcuin Fugitive

There are no real replacements for the card draw in this deck. Blaze Hound and Spelljammer have fantastic stats (unlike Sojourner for example) and although they draw cards for your opponents, your deck is able to make better use of the card draw thanks to its low curve. Also, the extra cards in your opponent’s hand make Dark Seed more effective. I’ve tried playing other cards like Void Hunter, Alcuin Loremaster and Bloodbound Mentor. None feel as good.

Health Swings

Void Pulse, Desolator

I love these cards. With Alciun Fugitive and Desolator’s Dying Wish, I can love them all game long. There is nothing quite like these.

Board Control and Removal

Grasp of Agony, Demonic Lure, Punish, Spectral Blade

With cheap faction cards clearing the way, you can just keep going face till you win. What more do you want? Grasp of Agony and Spectral Blade are versatile if you want to push more damage. Your board control and removal cards are already strong so there is no pressing need to look for other options. If you find you need more then you can replace one Alcuin Fugitive for an extra Punish or Spectral Blade.


Mindlathe – Fun and versatile, both as board control and as a finisher, Mindlathe can be an effective tool in your deck. Unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be space for it. I’d probably switch out for something somewhere else, such as Dark Seed but I prefer Dark Seed as a finisher. Just note that Mindlathe has some very useful interactions.

Furor Chakram – Another interesting choice but I feel like its a little too expensive. One of my biggest problems with it is that it requires you to have minions on board which is not always the case. Still a good choice though and it is incredible with Spectral Revenant. A frenzied Revenant is disgusting.


Dark Seed

Dark Seed is my prefered choice for this slot as it works well with Blaze Hound and Spelljammer, it is fairly cheap and it doesn’t rely on your opponent having big minions on the board. I’ve tried running plenty of other finishers but in almost every single game it would have been better if I had just run Dark Seed. Very effective.


Betrayal – This card has won me games, I’ll admit. And watching the oh so confident enemy General die to his own minions is something special. However, there were just as many times when I only needed that last little bit of damage to win and there were no nearby minions to be seen. Powerful, yes, but situational.

Spectral Revenant – A strong minion but oh boy does 8 mana suck. As strong as it can be, especially with Furor Chakram, it is just too slow. I’ve played with SR many times but in just about every case I would have won the game quicker with Dark Seed, and when I finally could play SR I often would have had the damage to win without it anyway. I’d probably rather play Saberspine Alpha than this…

Doom – No I’m just joking. I wish.

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading,


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4 thoughts on “Alcuin Aggro
  1. The deck looks fun and like something I want to try, I really like Fugitives. I wonder about them though. They are great cards but are really 6 mana plays and don’t have an immediate impact like Alcuin Loremaster which also cost less, have a more aggressive body and allow you to copy opponents’ spells too, therefore maybe better suited to an aggro deck. What is your reasoning here?

    And the game you linked is aganst Japa10jb, doesn’t seem to be against Nh3maser (maybe you need to correct the link or name, though the game is fun to watch).

    1. I originally did play the Loremaster but my problem with it is that when played with Void Pulse it basically became a Desolator without Dying Wish which felt pretty bad. It’s a touch too expensive to pay 3 mana just to play only one more Void Pulse. I think if its body was a bit bigger it would be wonderful in this deck but otherwise, it felt like it just didn’t put enough stats on the board to be worth it. Flameblood Warlock (although not a perfect comparison) also puts a 3/1 on the board and deals 3 damage for just 2 mana instead of 4. Desolator does a similar thing but you can play it over and over again.

      To be fair I think you definitely have a point. Loremaster is also pretty versatile, stealing enemy spells if you want. The thing that made me choose Fugitive though was the fact that when I lost I always seemed to lose by just 1 turn. Around the 6th turn (around 7/8 mana) I would lose and I would always think “I would have won next turn.” I always needed just that last little bit of 4 or 5 damage and healing or card draw. So, I think its the value and pseudo card draw that Fugitive brings is the thing that makes me happy. In the linked game, for example, I played 5 Void Pulses. If you include the cost of Fugitive, I spent 10 mana, put a 2/5 on the board (ugh) and then did 10 damage and 15 healing.

      I’ve tried other card in this role too, such as Loreweaver and Twilight Sorcerer but I just haven’t found anything that has the same turn after turn potential value as Alcuin Fugitive.

      I linked 2 games, the second game is the one with Bonecrusher against NH3MASER.

      Anyway, love your videos!

  2. Interesting build! While a slow value engine seems out of place in an aggro deck, ironically I can see it working because of the surprise factor – seeing an aggro deck, opponents may have replaced their answers to a backline 5-health minion, and if it can recur 2+ spells plus eat a removal, it’s probably worth it.

    Boronian – the game against me is the second linked one (in the section on Bonecrusher), not the one in the top section.

    Also, I hope I didn’t give anyone the impression that I’m a great aggro Cass expert, and certainly not that I had any role in developing the deck – I just have some minor experience playing the archetype and gave it a writeup here because it’s a strong deck that hadn’t yet had any exposure on the site :-)

    1. My Hero! Even if you weren’t;t the one who developed the current Aggro Cass it was definitely your guide that introduced me to it. I used to play creep Cass but your deck felt so much better.

      Yeak I think the trick to Fugitive is that it is surprisingly similar to Desolator and Spelljammer. These cards all provide constant turn after turn value if left unanswered. Even if Fugitive takes a dispell or removal, that means there is one less dispell or removal for Desolator and Spelljammer. None of these cards can be left alone or before you know it the game will just go out of control.

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