Aggro Cass

Cassyva Soulreaper

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 8130

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.01.03

Spectral Blade
Void Pulse

Burn them! Burn them all!

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Aggro Cass is a very powerful deck, with the tools to play well against all archetypes: healing to edge out other aggro decks, strong removal options to deal with minion-based strategies, and lots of direct damage to swiftly close out the game against everything.

The play pattern for the deck is too straightforward to say much about (throw everything at face), so instead I’ll discuss some variations on how the deck can be built.



These are the cards that are played in almost every build.

Bloodtear Alchemist, Flameblood Warlock, Blaze Hound, Spelljammer – the best neutral aggro minions.

Demonic Lure, Punish – the strongest in-faction removal.

Void Pulse, Desolator – pure health swings.

Grasp of Agony, Spectral Blade – versatile cards that can act as some extra removal or just be used to push face damage.


These cards aren’t universally played, but usually at least some are chosen to round out the deck.

Ooz, Blood Siren, Primus Fist, Healing Mystic – value creatures to fill out your 2 drop slot.

Dark Seed, Betrayal, Spectral Revenant – finishers.

Mindlathe – another cheeky removal option.


These are some of the different ways in which the archetype can be taken. They share in common most of the essential cards given above, so I’ll only list the key cards that differentiate each version from the others.

Old School

Sphere of Darkness, Phantasm, Saberspine Tiger, Revenant. Back in the Unearthed Prophecy meta, this was pretty much the strongest deck there was. A backline Phantasm could generate incredible value, especially if you managed to stack the buffs on a Rush minion. Sadly, nerfs to many of the key cards have left this version pretty much unplayable.


Blood Siren, Void Talon, Thunderhorn, Betrayal. Really fun to play, somewhat similar to the old Vetruvian positioning decks. The aggro rushdown incentivizes your opponent into playing minions close as blockers, which you can then punish them for. However, it lost a lot of power with the nerf to Thunderhorn.


Dark Seed + a low curve. The version presented above. This is my favorite version to play right now because of its versatility.


Consuming Rebirth, Bonecrusher, Riftwalker. Rebirth makes Crusher into a real threat and Riftwalker into real AOE that leaves behind a decent body. Developed by DeathsAdvocate.


Abyssal Crawler, Ooz, Obliterate. Unlike a dedicated creep deck, in which Obliterate is the main finisher and you’re looking to squeeze as much damage out of it as you can, here you rely on incidental creep generation to make Obliterate a medium-sized burst, giving you a late-game way to clear blockers and push through the final points of damage. Developed by Sibon.

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