Abyssian Hyperswarm+improvments

Lilithe Blightchaser

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 2500-6000

Patch: 1.96

Author: Mathis

Submitted: 2019.02.28

Furor Chakram
Deathfire Crescendo

Edit :This is a swarm Abyss deck with tips for beginners from better players.
It is a fun deck to play but the op cards cost a lot and it can hurt your brain ;)
I am open for suggestion, because I want to climb with this deck to s in the future.
You can add me and play vs me so I can improve my play style.

Original :I want to spam but have so much trouble vs a lot of decks or how to play.
I am new to this game and if you know how to better play or good cards then pls tell me
Hope you have a nice day ;)

You try to build a board and the kill him early as possible.

Read the commonts they help a lot ;)

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7 thoughts on “Abyssian Hyperswarm+improvments
  1. Honestly the deck looks pretty decent. I assume running just 1 Crescendo is due to having only 1, but if you could cut the Shadow Watchers and replace them with Crescendo’s that would be a big upgrade. Other that than I figure the deck looks pretty solid and it may be your play that is causing problems, this type of deck typically looks to with very early and in one fell swoop (occasionally two haha), quickly building a board that can make use of the a buff that benefits from having all your little critters kamikaze in. So you want to keep your guys alive, but in range of the enemy (easier said than done).

    I tried to give explanations for the roles of each card I included in my list here: https://duelspot.com/deck/1-5k-spirit-lilithe-swarm/
    and Baloon also does a good job of explaining the cards and gameplan on his list: https://duelspot.com/deck/themightybaloons-hyper-swarp-lilithe/

    Good Luck.

  2. In general, I would recommend posting on the forums (forums.duelyst.com) or reddit (reddit.com/r/duelyst) when looking for help.

    That being said, your deck looks pretty ok as is. The one card I would change immediately is Shadow Watcher (which too slow to be a good finisher in ranked play) for something like Shadowdancer (a finisher with immediate impact) or Sojourner (more card draw). Other than that, as you get more spirit you can improve the deck by crafting epics like Bloodbound Mentor (a neutral that’s great in this deck and also fits into a bunch of other archetypes), Dreamgazer (an aggressive swarm staple), and maybe Wraithcrown (an ok buff that some decks have trouble dealing with); or save up for legendaries like Spelljammer (a widely played aggressive neutral), Deathfire Crescendo (the best swarm finisher), and maybe Soul Grimwar (an alternative powerful finisher).

    If you are still having trouble winning games, post some replays to get more specific feedback. Hyper swarm has quick games but a lot of tricky math and decision-making, so it takes some practice to really do well with it :)

    1. Ty very much for your answer and some good cards that i can use.
      Sry I did not know that and will change this post.
      Hope a have a nice day and ty for your help ;)
      Edit : do you know where I can find good replays of swarm Abyss, because in the client I don’t find any in s or diamond

  3. I’m not very good at Duelyst but I hope this kinda helps.

    I would replace Shadow Watcher for some card draw like Blaze Hound, Sojourner, Bloodbound Mentor or Spelljammer.
    One of these will do, though it would probably take a while to save up for Bloodbound Mentor or Spelljammer.
    You can also save up for more Deathfire Crescendo or maybe get a Soul Grimwar.

    Here are some tips that might help.

    Keep your Swarm safe in the early game.
    Don’t keep it too safe where your Swarm can’t back you up.

    Don’t empty your hand too quickly.
    Cards like Plasma Storm, Homeostatic Rebuke, Tempest and Sunset Paragon can potentially wipe your entire board and you’ll be screwed.
    You can spam a your hand a little to burn their removals.
    If you want to spam your hand a lot, get some solid card draws.

    Most of the time, don’t keep your Wraithlings at 1/1 because of cards like Ghost Lightning, Blistering Skorn, Krater and Spirit Harvester
    that can also wipe your board.

    Against Vetruvian, maybe save a Daemonic Lure for Aymara Healer.
    Besides Echoing Shriek, Abyssian does not have transformation spell (I think) which means Aymara’s Dying Wish will be proc’d unless you get it out of the way with Daemonic Lure.

    Split your Swarm. Of course, you don’t have to always split them.
    There are some cards with non-global Area of Effect that you should be careful of. Here are some cards that I can think of.
    Try to look out for mana springs that are close to your opponents. They might accelerate their mana for removals.
    (Neutral) Frostbone Naga, Riftwalker, Sunset Paragon, Deathblighter
    (Lyonar) Holy Immolation, Sunriser
    (Songhai) Flamewreath, Eternity Painter
    (Abyssian) Necrotic Sphere
    (Vetruvian) Zephyr + General’s BBS
    (Magmar) Makantor Warbeast
    Board formation should be diagonal or some units that are at least 2 spaces apart.

    (Songhai) Thunderbomb
    Units should not be adjacent to one another.

    (Lyonar) Aperion’s Claim
    (Magmar) Kinetic Equilibrium
    These spells are in a 3×3 area. Do not cluster all your minions in that area or at least not 2 minions that you want to keep alive.

    (Lyonar) Sunstrike
    (Vetruvian) Grapnel Paradigm
    Minions should not be in a single row

    (Vanar) Warbird
    Minions should not be in the same column as your general

    Sorry if I gave you too much information.
    Practice more and have fun.

    1. That’s a great write up :) I will make a short mini guide out of it and post it on reddit and forums if you are okay with that. (I will name you as the author of course)

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