4k Spirit Lyonar Mirror Mechs

Argeon Highmayne

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 4070

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.01.22


Manufacture Mechaz0r then mirror for massive majesty!

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Mechs are a natural choice when building on a budget- the core of the deck consists of the Mechaz0r pieces, which require only one epic, and give you a neutral buildaroud for any faction. Lyonar is one of the best Mech factions, due largely to how well Argeon’s BBS plays with the mech keywords of Ranged, Frenzy, and Forcefield. This particular build is based off the idea that while a single Mechaz0r is no longer a consistent win condition by itself, multiple Mechaz0rs should do the trick! Inspired by a comment by Boronian in the mech thread on the forums.



Half the deck consists of the Mechaz0r pieces themselves, along with the utility mechs.

Lyonar has access to 6 Mechaz0r pieces (plus a bonus 7th, discussed below). This allows you to quickly and consistently assemble Mechaz0r, which is always your gameplan in the initial stages of the game.

Metaltooth is effectively a burn spell. A 2 mana 2/2 with Rush is a decent minion by itself, and you can close out a lot of games by combining one with Roar and/or Holy Immolation.

Replicant is a mild source of card advantage, which is nice because building Mechaz0r can be draining on your hand size.


Mirrorim is not a very popular card, and with good reason: even if you have a really good target for it,  the Opening Gambit has no immediate impact on the board, and since Duelyst games practically never go to fatigue, you have to get lucky to even see the extra cards shuffled in. Here, we subvert this by including something very rare in Duelyst: a tutor, which can directly draw the new cards! Even so, there are only two minions you should ever target: Replicant to extend the chain of card advantage, and Mechaz0r itself for late-game value. Never target anything else, since it will just pollute your deck with bad draws (if you really need the body for whatever reason, just choose to forgo the Opening Gambit).

Lifestream is an excellent card in almost every stage of the game. Early on, use it as a tutor for Mechaz0r pieces, which increases the consistency and speed of the Mechaz0r build. Later, it can grab more Metalteeth for burst damage. Finally, if you’ve managed to mirror a Mechaz0r, it pulls them for really good value. The healing effect doesn’t actually come up all that often and is best regarded as an circumstantial bonus.

Trinity Oath is a Lyonar signature card. Primarily, it lets you refill once your Mechaz0r progress has eaten through your action bar, but the 3 health bonus is often significant as well.


Martyrdom is in because I like having access to at least one piece of hard removal. This is a flex slot, and could be replaced with Lasting Judgement or Arclyte Sentinel for higher-tempo interaction, Sun Bloom if you want dispel, or just completing the playsets of Oath and Immolation if you have the spirit.

Tempest is somewhat anti-synergistic with the rest of the deck but feels necessary in the meta. It prevents you from losing to quick swarm starts and it’s not hard to play it in a way that benefits you overall, even if you lose some minions in the process.

Holy Immolation is another one of Lyonar’s signature cards and strongest spells, and with 6 one-drops and an Airdrop minion, it’s easy to use out-of-hand.


As mentioned above, Holy Immolation and Trinity Oath make pretty much any Lyonar list better, and completing the playsets here is a good place to start if you have the spirit. S.I.L.V.E.R. is good as an actual finisher.

The best version of this deck is probably RHacker’s Mech Titan list, which is an actual top-tier deck. It requires a couple of legendaries, and plays a slightly slower  gameplan, but offers much better high-end threats and inevitability.

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