3k Spirit Reva

Reva Eventide

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 3000

Patch: 1.96

Author: Niklaren

Submitted: 2018.10.10

Reva Eventide
Phoenix Fire

This deck should serve as a good teaching tool for the Songhai playstyle of contesting board early, before ceding it in order to finish of the opponent with some direct damage or buff spells.

Hi, I'm Niklaren. Long time S ranker and tournament participant. I play all factions and playstyles, but do have my favorites. I like to help out when I can, so create budget decks, review replays, answer questions or just chat. Hit me up in game or on discord. If you prefer, drop a comment on the article, i'll read it... eventually.

Update from my initial Reva list (https://duelystcentral.com/2018/03/29/s-rank-on-a-budget-march-2018-reva-zero-to-hero/) with an upped budget to be able to include some good stuff like a full set of Lantern Foxes and a Spiral Technique to finish with.

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2 thoughts on “3k Spirit Reva
    1. Aye, I could probably do with updating this to be in line with the others.

      So Battle Pando is great, one of the best 3 drops. Spelljammer should be an upgrade to Sojourner in most situations. I still rate Zendo as a finisher, nasty with Killing Edge. Dioltas or Kron would be decent alternatives to Shieldmaster.

      Honestly though switching to Aggro Reva may be the best route currently, you can go on duelystcentral top 50 or power rankings to find good lists for that. Alternatively, you could consider switching to Eight Gates if that is your kind of thing (i see frueds list in the ‘similar’ below), actually for changing this list specifically perhaps even Crescent Spear would be the better choice, not sure.

      However you choose though I wish you Good luck.

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