3.4k Spirit Aggro Eggmar

Ragnora the Relentless

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 3,400

Patch: 1.96

Author: GamerBotHD

Submitted: 2018.10.30

Wild Inceptor
Greater Fortitude

A budget version of classic Eggmar with a more aggressive playstyle.

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A budget version of Eggmar with a more aggressive approach. Due to spirit limitations, great cards like progenitor couldn't be included. Here, you'll focus on producing a ton of rippers and dealing big damage by hatching and re-hatching their eggs, picking away at their board and their health, as well as using greater fortitude for a handsome finish.


Flash reincarnation

Flash reincarnation here makes the deck a bit faster. It helps you get cards like makantor and wild inceptor out faster.

Greater fortitude

Greater fortitude is a piece of out combo in this deck. This allows a ripper to use both it’s attack dealing 10 damage.

Lava lance

This is our main removal. All you need is an egg and lava lance can destroy pretty large minions.

Rage reactor

This is to help spawn more rippers. The +1 attack lets your general kill a multitude and spawn a ripper egg in their place. Note that if you destroy a minion with rebirth, it still spawn a ripper egg in their place and their rebirth egg never spawns.


Just to spawn more ripper eggs for maximum ripper swarm.

Emryotic insight

Since this deck is pretty fast paced, insight is here as card draw.

Young silithar and rage binder

Just solid magmar minions. The rebirth they have helps with your egg synergy as well. Sadly rage binder’s bond isn’t gona go off. Ever. (Unless you already have one on the field but whatever).

Zoetic charm

Yes, I know this is supposed to be budget but eggmar without charm isn’t playable. Charm is just too good to not run. (Needs a nerf btw). Helps protect your eggs and the 1 attack helps get more stuff with rage reactor.

Erratic raptor

Just a really good card. Basically a 3 mana 5/5 with rebirth….that’s a tad bit easier to clear. Ther good thing about raptor is if they don’t kill him the turn you play him, you can attack, then hatch his egg, then attack aaaaand repeat. This could land major damage especially if you flash the inceptors.

Egg morph and wild inceptor

These are our egg hatchers. They can land major damage by reapeating attacks of rebirth minions and can land a high damage surprise attack. Egg morph even doubles as removal.

Thumping wave

This is good removal because you lack some when you’re making a budget deck. But not only that, but the 5 attack can be used with greater fortitude to land really big damage if you flash your inceptor. With this your ripper becomes a 10/3 with celerity, dealing lethal damage! The 3/3 battle pet at the end sucks but doesn’t really matter if you kill them.

Makantor warbeast

A magmar staple. Can’t really run a magmar deck without him. He’s just super good removal and can deal good damage with greater fortitude.


This is a very nerfed version a classic eggmar. To really spice up this list, you’re gonna need some peppers.


Definetely the most important card on this list. One of the best cards of eggmar. If you plan on playing this deck a lot, craft this guy ASAP.


This kind of veers away from the aggro side and gets a tad bit more slow. This card a powerhouse and can really pack a late-game punch.

Extinction event

This is probably something you’ll run as a one of. Again another control tool. The 6/26 you get is quite the monster however, it is vunerable to hard removal like blood of air costing 8 mana to pull off.

Silithar elder

This isn’t that important. It’s not the best card you could run.


To be honest all you really need is progenitor and you’ll be set for life. And maybe homeostatic rebuke.





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