2k spirit aggro creep

Maehv Skinsolder

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 2040

Patch: beta

Author: Deuscinis

Submitted: 2023.01.05

Shadow Nova
Grasp of Agony
Void Pulse

Deal a lot of damage to opponent’s general, heal yourself, remove their stuff, finish them with creep

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This is an aggro deck with lategame win condition.

Basically, every card in this deck does something as it is played. The idea is to deal a lot of damage to the enemy general directly (flamebloods, pulses, etc), win the board early with assassins and grasps, trade with your general while keeping yourself healthy. Then convert your minions into damage to enemy general’s face SMOrc.
Heavy midgame threats from opponent can be removed with terminus or just teleported away with repulsors/lures giving you time to finish them.
Shadow nova or tiger+reflection should end the game.

This deck loses about 100% matches against swarms (sarlacs, jaxes, etc) or healing-heavy decks (hello, lyonar), but is still  pretty good to get you to diamond.

Feel free to replace flameblood warlocks with spectral blades and reflections with revenants to make a better deck.

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