2400 Spirit Strategos

Brome Warcrest

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 2400

Patch: 1.96

Author: GamerBotHD

Submitted: 2018.11.28

Grand Strategos

A cheaper version of Strategos Brome. Swarm the field with tiny minions, buffing them with Warblade and Shiro puppydragon, all the while progressing through the Strategos trial until you can promote your minions for awesome value!

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Hi I'm GamerBotHD, one time S-ranker (impressive right). Here you have a budget Strategos deck that I've piloted in top 70 S-rank-ish with decent success. You're gonna wanna get Strategos out as quickly as possible and let him generate tons of value as you summon tons of minions for him to promote.

Early Game

Your goal early game is to develop a large board and buff it with Shiro and/or Warblade.

You’re gonna wanna mulligan for

  • Sojourner
  • Celebrant
  • Warblade
  • Shiro Puppydragon
  • Zyx

You defintely should try to get Sojourner in your hand as quickly as possible because your hand is going to run out FAST with the 23 two drops and all. You wanna open with celebrant and set up a mana tile that your general can access and then go crazy next turn with Zyx and either Warblade or Shiro Puppydragon. Around this time you should either have Sojourner on the field or in your hand because you’ll already be running out of cards.

Mid Game

By turn 4 or 5 you should be over halfway done with the trial. You have Silverguard Knight and Impervious Giago to control the board and progress the trial. When the trial is done you’ll probably be at around 7 or 8 mana. Full board or not you should play Strategos with as many other minions as possible. From here just play as many minions as possible and let Strategos generate value. With all these high cost minions you should be able overpower your opponent on board and be able to pick away at their health enough to kill them. You really want to make sure your minions promote multiple times to be able to get some really good stuff. For example, Giago’s first promotion will either give you Elyx Stormblade or Prominence which have a good chance of surving and being able to transform into Zir, Indominus or Peacekeeper which can save your butt and even win the game if they don’t have the proper removal.

Late Game

If the game ends up lasting a long time, the Strategos effect should help you out value them and eventually develop a much larger board and lethal them with an army of Excelsiouses (there’s no way that’s how to spell the plural form of Excelsious).


This deck does suffer heavily against extremely fast aggro decks that can lethal you before you can get Strategos out and also decks with large amounts of aoe removal which can kill your entire board with one Plasma Storm. Also, with this deck’s lack of aoe removal it also has a hard time against swarm and any deck with Furor Chakram in it.


Some cards you should craft if you want to upgrade the deck.

Jax Truesight

Obviously a great cards for any Strategos. Not only does it progress the trial 5 times but post trial it basically summons a 7 drop and four 2 drops.

Holy Immolation

An amazing removal spell. Helps fight against swarm and can kill multiple large minions.

Trinity Oath

Extra card draw that this deck desperately needs.

Sol Pontiff

Another proc for trial and adds more golem synergy.


Wonderful card in this deck that can rack up amazing attack really quickly.

Alabaster Titan

You can go a different way with this and make a Titan Strategos which I personally prefer over regular Strategos. If you’re running Titan you should also run…

Sunset Paragon

Good choice if you’re running Titan. Great with Strategos because of its powerful opening gambit along with a 6 drop.


Note that the 2400 spirit cost assumes Strategos is 0 spirit because you get him for free after opening enough Mythron orbs.



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