1.6k Spirit Artificial Baconator

Reva Eventide

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 1620

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.10.08

Mirror Meld
Saberspine Seal

Trying to cut meat out of your diet? Try this pork-free build of Baconator, with the unhealthy ham replaced with fat-free (and inexpensive) silicon! Uses no cards above rare.


A budget version of classic Baconator, utilizing Metaltooth in place of Tusk Boar. Largely inspired by Zyx’s build when Metaltooth was first released: see here for his (out-of-date) list.



  • Chakri Avatar
  • Heartseeker (Cryptographer)
  • Metaltooth

The minions that you’ll be applying buffs to throughout the game.


  • Mist Dragon Seal
  • Primus Fist
  • Saberspine Seal
  • Killing Edge

Act as chip damage/conditional removal throughout the course of the game until serving as game-ending burst.


  • Gotatsu
  • Replicant
  • Blaze Hound
  • Sojourner

Cards that draw you cards. Used to provide some board presence/control while you’re setting up for the combo.


  • Mirror Meld
  • Abjudicator

Enablers for your end-game combo.


The gameplan is to stack buffs on a (conditional) Rush minion (Metaltooth), a big and growing minion (Avatar), or a Ranged minion (Heartseeker), then Mirror Meld to establish multiple large threats (or in the Rush case, hopefully just kill your opponent on the spot). Melding a Metaltooth conveniently activates the Rush condition, but keep in mind that the first one will need to survive attacking in order to leave the second one with Rush, so you either need a toughness boost from Mist Dragon Seal or Killing Edge or to have a Replicant on board in order to complete the combo.

All the draw effects can make things a little awkward, since leading with Replicant into Sojourner or Hound will often cause overdrawing. However, drawing a lot is necessary because this deck relies on having certain cards available at each stage of the game: you really want an Avatar early on to establish a threat and give him time to grow, Abjudicator with a full hand in midgame to set up for the combo finish, and Metaltooth, Meld, and buffs late to actually close things out.


Tusk Boar (the eponymous “Bacon”), Scroll Jammer, Spelljammer, Juxtaposition. You’re working towards a modern-day version of the deck like Freud92’s, see here.

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