Boss Battle: Danny Phantom

Category: Boss Battle

Patch: 1.96

Author: Boronian

Submitted: 2019.06.07

I wear a lot of hats in the Duelyst community, but foremost I am known as the Duelyst wiki team leader and as a Reddit mod. But beside that I am also a Meltdown League manager and content creator on Twitch and  Youtube.

Text by mrmana3


que the nostalgic kids show theme song

He’s a phantom!

:musical_note:Yo Danny Phantom he’s the next new boss
Quite a worthy foe to come across
Gotta make sure that you don’t take a loss :musical_note:

Gotta beat ’em down, he’s Danny Phantom

:musical_note:This boss has a unique effect
It’s not the kind you would expect
He becomes his minions after he dies
Watch this boss change before your very eyes :musical_note:

Smack him, smack him

:musical_note:When you summon a minion, here’s what you’ll do
That’s the very card you’ll change into
Play minions with more health than two
Or it’s gonna be the end of you
Now go fulfill your destiny
And win this fight for you and me
A Boss Crate comes with VICTORY :musical_note:

:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT ‘EM DOWN ‘CUZ HE’S DANNY PHANTOM :musical_note:
:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT ‘EM DOWN ‘CUZ HE’S DANNY PHANTOM :musical_note:
:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT ‘EM DOWN ‘CUZ HE’S…

…just a Dooly boss

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