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Hello everyone!

RHacker93 here with the latest Top 50 list you’re going to find. Been a bit of a wild month but I was actually able to find the time to grab a bunch of lists from December’s Top 50 players! Given the change of space I’m trying out a bit of a different layout this month. As I’m still learning Duelspot’s article formatting I’m just going to link albums for the Top 50 Graphs and Decklists for now.

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Also as a reminder to readers this is actually the decklists for December not for January as I’m just starting to compile the January lists right now!

Alright well without any more waiting here’s the data graphs and decklists for the December 2018 Top 50!

Data Graphs:

December Top 50 Graphs


December Top 50 Decklists

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Hey everyone,

Wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays. I know it’s quite late in the month but I wanted to put out the top 50 list from November. Unlike the other months, I wasn’t able to catch this at the very last minute, I didn’t account for daylight savings pushing the reset back an hour, and so this image was taken around 30 minutes before the end of the season. I also did not have the time this month to reach out and grab the lists from the top 50 players though I will be looking to do that in the future.

I also have a bit of exciting personal news to share. As of now, I will be joining the Counterplay Games QA team. I will be working on Godfall and I’m very excited to start working on the project!

I am also planning on continuing my work as a member of the Duelyst community and having this job will help give me the stability to reliably put out the more detailed top 50 lists as well as continue to run Duelyst tournaments. I would also like to avoid confusion and clarify that these events/articles would still be community-driven and would not be official even though I will be working with Counterplay now.

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Hello Duelyrs, we’re now approaching the end of the year and it’s been a long while without any additions to the game, but there are still some small changes to the meta happening over time. New decks are seeing play and there’s changes in the estimation of others. Despite that, ladder has developed pretty predictably and these Power Rankings too. I’m hoping Team Wars could change that slightly, but with that ongoing, Christmas happening and the meta stagnation I don’t feel I’ll have the time and energy to do this next month. So if anyone is interested in leading this up next month then let me know :)

Looking back to last month I heard some feedback that some decks or lists weren’t representative enough of the meta, for example Wanderer Reva has become very rare to run into, while Xor’Xull is very common but doesn’t show on the rankings. So I thought it was worth clarifying that the lists here are more representative of an abstract power level that’s unique to each voter. If a deck rates higher than you’re seeing on ladder it probably means that at least some of us think it’s underplayed and the reverse for popular but weak decks that don’t make the cut.

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What now seems like a long time ago I opened the Twitch front page and something about the autoplaying video caught my attention. Maybe none of the streamers I was following were on, maybe I just have a huge soft spot for tactics and card games, or maybe the pixel art grabbed me. Whatever it was that day I found myself thinking I need to try this game that I was seeing. But which faction should I play? The white armor dudes to me looked like the most ‘starter’ of the factions. Lucky for me Tempo Argeon happened to be one of the better decks at the time. But even now I think Lyonar is a great faction to start out on; teaching and rewarding good fundamentals with a very minion-based faction that has tools for all stages of the game. Position your units well and they will pay you back in kind.

Lyonar is the faction that most cares about formations: the specific positioning of their minions in relation to the general. The deck I played this month to S rank is an example of this; making use of the Zeal keyword and Marching Orders more specifically to empower my minions.